Buffalo Chicken Meatballs Are Spicy and Delicious

David Malosh

Let me begin by saying how much I love . I've been making for more than a decade. As for the ... well, what's not to love? These are a little something different to try if you love those sorts of dishes. You can make them for an on weeknights. Make the salad and , too, and call it a meal. You can also make just the meatballs for at home and grab some of that delicious dressing in the green and white bottle to make your life easier. You know the one. Serve 'em to your kids. Serve 'em to your friends. Serve 'em to yourself. Because you deserve 'em. 

Why are my buffalo chicken meatballs hard?

You may have over mixed when you were stirring everything together. You should handle as gently as possible. Overwork it and it becomes firm and compact. For these meatballs, mix the ingredients together just until they're barely combined and then gently form it into balls. I like to use a 2-tablespoon cookie scoop to make it even easier.

Are buffalo chicken meatballs spicy?

Not overwhelmingly so. Buffalo anything will have some spice and you'll definitely find that here. But the cucumber salad and ranch dressing help tame the heat.

What do celery leaves taste like?

Yellow and very light green celery leaves found on the inner stalks have a fresh celery flavor that's great with the spice of the meatballs. But make sure you're only using the yellow or very light green leaves! The green or dark green leaves from the outer stalks taste much more bitter and might overwhelm the whole dish. If you don't have celery leaves, or forgot to save them, use 1/2 cup of flat leaf parsley leaves.