Serve Up These Christmas Snacks at Your Next Holiday Party

Brian Woodcock

Any good host knows that the key to a successful party is having plenty of snacks. And that sentiment holds true during the holiday season, too! Whether you're throwing a big or a tree-trimming party, you'll want to have lots of to share with your friends and family. Luckily, we've rounded up our favorite Christmas snacks to make throughout the season—from homemade to snack mixes, , and so much more! We’ve included both sweet and savory ideas to satisfy anyone's cravings, so all you need is serve up a and any holiday get-together will turn into a festive party!

Whether you’re hosting out-of-town guests or entertaining your kids while they’re home from school, everyone will love noshing on these delicious bite-sized treats. Along with satisfying snacks that will hold you over until dinner (like the pepperoni pizza rolls and cranberry brie bites), there are also tons of sweets in the form of , candied nuts, and . Serve up a big bowl of spiced-up potato chips or wrap up individual bags with Christmas Chex mix (they also double as an ).