Reaction to life saved in Hobbs thanks to Safe Haven Baby Box

A baby was saved in Hobbs, New Mexico on Saturday thanks to the Safe Haven Baby Box at the Hobbs Central Fire Station. This baby box, installed in May, is only the second of its kind in New Mexico. The City of Hobbs sees this as a significant achievement, as it resulted in a life being saved. The baby box was activated for the first time on Saturday afternoon and the fire department responded promptly.

Mark Doporto, the Interim Fire Chief for the Hobbs Fire Department, expressed his happiness that someone decided to use the baby box for the well-being of the child. He described their response to the situation, which involved receiving notifications about the baby being placed in the box and immediately contacting the battalion chief on duty. The crew was already at the station and confirmed that there was indeed a baby in the box.

The personnel at the fire department were overjoyed with the successful outcome, as the baby was safely taken to the hospital and is healthy. The process for parents using the baby box is simple and anonymous. They open the box and retrieve an orange bag, which contains information on caring for the child and the parent's rights. They then place the baby inside the box and close the door. State Senator David Gallegos emphasized the importance of maintaining anonymity to protect the parents and encourage them to use the Safe Haven Box instead of abandoning their infants in dangerous places.

The successful delivery of a baby in Hobbs is a significant victory for the city and the county as a whole. The community has given positive feedback, and efforts are underway to install more baby boxes throughout the state. At the press conference, attendees expressed gratitude to the parent for making the right decision in a difficult situation. This incident serves as proof that the system works and provides security for everyone involved.