"I was overwhelmed with confusion and insecurity because, in my eyes, I was beautiful. Numerous individuals had assured me of my beauty. 
Who am I, really? It feels as though I have become a shattered vase scattered across the ground, abandoned in an alley. I am like a chandelier forcefully detached from the ceiling, abandoned by the people who once filled the house. 
Today, the thought of recovering seems unimaginable. 
Am I permitted to feel this profound sorrow? Can I lay on the ground, crumpled and sobbing? 

I long to have hands and legs once more. I yearn to smile, to believe that I still can. 
Yet, a part of me wishes to embrace eternal sadness. I want to wear my sorrow like long strands of hair. I aspire to lie on the ocean floor, shedding tears that form stalactites for a hundred years. 
A tree has collapsed onto my chest. The sky spins relentlessly, refusing to slow down. I wish to be free from feeling any of this pain."

An excerpt from an untitled essay by NIGHTBIRDE. 
The book "Poems for the Dark" by NIGHTBIRDE will soon be available for presale. We hope Jane's words bring solace and shared humanity to all readers. 
Photo by Jacqueline Day 
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