Wow Everyone With a Stuffed Turkey Breast for the Holidays

Danielle Daly

If you have a family of white meat turkey fans, this beautiful stuffed breast is the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece! The daunting task of  can make the holidays feel like a challenge, but an elegant stuffed turkey breast, all rolled up with aromatic stuffing, provides all the show-stopping presentation and flavor of a whole roast bird in half the time. Keep this recipe handy for a  or even for year-round enjoyment because stuffing and gravy should be a once-a-year affair!

Is a stuffed turkey breast boneless?

For easy carving and a golden roast, this stuffed turkey breast is boneless but keeps its crispy skin. For the prettiest roast, get a 5- to 7-pound bone-in skin-on breast roast. There are instructions for taking the keel bone, ribs, and backbone out of a whole roast and butterflying it in this recipe. But for ease, ask your local butcher if they will do it for you! They will ensure that the bone is carefully removed and the skin stays taut. Don’t forget to keep the bones for some delicious turkey broth!

What is the difference between a stuffed turkey breast and a turkey roulade?

While a turkey roulade can be considered a stuffed turkey breast, a stuffed turkey breast does not necessarily take the form of a roulade. Because the shape is so elegant and surprisingly simple, this stuffed turkey breast recipe is a roulade, meaning it's a dish of filled and rolled up meat or pastry. A is a popular example of a sweet roulade. A turkey roulade or ballotine is a deboned breast that is pounded out to an even thickness, stuffed, and rolled up. It is tied up with kitchen twine which not only holds it together, but also presses the roast into a log for even cooking.