Ree's Cauliflower Fried Rice Is Better Than Takeout

David Malosh

Come along with me on my journey, my friends. I promise you will not be sorry. This is one of the recipes I put in my cookbook, I remember, when I first got my hands on the book, I told people it was my low-carb cookbook, but also my high-carb cookbook. There's more lightened-up recipes than in my , but there's also plenty of more indulgent, sinful recipes too, so don't you worry (I'm talking to you, ). Most people think of cauliflower as a side dish, but if there's a skillet of this in front of me, I dive in like it's a side dish, main dish, and dessert all rolled up in one. I can't quit eating the stuff!

Why is my cauliflower fried rice soggy?

You don't want to cook the cauliflower too long, or it might end up too soft. All it takes is about three minutes to make it tender, but don't cook it much longer than that.

What other ingredients can you add to cauliflower fried rice?

You can throw in all kind of extras. Think green peas, zucchini, bell pepper, edamame. You could also add in some protein: Shredded rotisserie chicken, diced cooked steak, or cooked shrimp would be great in this.

What can I use instead of sesame oil?

You can just use an extra tablespoon of vegetable oil if you don't have sesame oil. Peanut oil also makes a good .