All the Deliciously Sweet Ways You Can Use Condensed Milk

Caitlin Bensel

Even if you bake only occasionally, we bet if you check your pantry right now, you'll find a can of sweetened condensed milk. And if you don't, put it on your grocery list ASAP. Because of all the baking staples you should have on hand, a can of condensed milk may be one of the best. Skeptical? Well, we've got the best sweetened condensed milk recipes to right here!

Now, be sure to know the difference between before proceeding. Remember, the latter is thicker, sweeter, and will yield completely different results than thinner, unsweetened . Recipes will list out exactly which one you should use. (Hint: it's sometimes both!) So, as long as you know which one is which, you're in amazingly sweet shape to make all these deliciously easy desserts. In fact, you'll love them so much, you'll probably need to add a few more cans to that shopping list to stock up for any time of year.

So, what do you like to make? How about or to hand out to all your friends and family during the holidays? Or creamy or no-churn ice cream when it's unbearably hot outside? Maybe you just want to drizzle some dulce de leche over anything and everything. Guess what? All you need is condensed milk! You can make everything from the to just by popping open a can.