Kitty with eye infection and deformed feet was alone, trying to survive. Finally he found someone to care for him

Good Samaritans can be found in all shapes and forms, such as the compassionate homeowner in Elkhart, Indiana, who came to the aid of a deformed and sickly kitten that had wandered into her yard. It was hard to comprehend that this little feline was all alone in the world. If it hadn't been for the homeowner's intervention, the kitten may not have survived. The kitten suffered from a severe eye infection caused by a cold.

However, the most distressing aspect was its tiny legs, which were so twisted that it had to use its arms to walk. The kind-hearted woman who found the kitten knew that she alone wouldn't be able to provide the necessary help for this desperate situation. Enter Here Kitty Kitty Rescue. They were astounded that the kitten, whom they named Scooter, had managed to survive on its own at such a young age.

It would have been remarkable for a healthy, typical kitten, let alone one with such a severe deformity. Scooter displayed an impressive will to live, purring with great determination. The rescue organization gladly took him in and found him a foster mom named Avery, along with her four kittens. Despite being four weeks younger, Avery's kittens weighed the same as Scooter. "He's adjusting wonderfully to his new family," the rescue workers reported. "It appears that Scooter was born with shortened or tight ligaments and muscles in both front feet. This causes his feet to turn inward and affects his ability to walk normally."

Due to the extended period of time that has passed, Scooter's bone growth in his feet and legs has been affected. Extensive therapy and manipulation of his feet will be necessary for him to regain normal mobility. Surgery will ultimately be required, but it cannot be performed until Scooter grows a bit larger. In the meantime, Scooter is much happier in his new home. The antibiotics prescribed for his cold have successfully eradicated the infection, and he is steadily gaining weight and growing.

He takes great pleasure in playing with toys, cuddling with his foster siblings, and receiving affection from his caretakers. Scooter now has a fresh outlook on life. Simply knowing how loved he is has made a tremendous difference, and the little grey kitty is no exception. All of this is thanks to the Good Samaritan who took the extra steps to make a significant impact in Scooter's life.