Want Takeout Instead of Turkey? These Fast Food Spots Are Open on Thanksgiving

The countdown to is on—and by that, we mean we've already got a hankering for a holiday feast! , , and delectable like ... the list goes on and on. But with turkey comes the inevitable troubles. Maybe you've had a dreaded oven emergency or can't even begin the process of cooking because *gasp* half of your grocery list is missing! You could always make a last-minute stop to one of the , or you could just throw in the towel and turn to takeout. After all, "I never want to feel overwhelmed on Thanksgiving. To me, that defeats the purpose of the holiday," says Ree Drummond.

So, if you find yourself feeling more stressed than thankful, there's nothing wrong with falling back on one of the dozens of fast food restaurants open on Thanksgiving in 2023. And if your reasoning for eating out is as simple as not wanting to do the dishes or needing a snack to hold you over before the main meal, that's fine too. 😄 Here, we've gathered up 15 fast food restaurants open November 23 so you can get your hands on anything from a Big Mac to a Frosty. Yep, popular establishments like McDonald's and Wendy's are only a few of the options you'll have.

If you rather take your family and sit down for a meal, you can also find several dine-in as well. But no matter where you go, just be sure to call your local franchise to confirm hours before piling into the car. Once you've done that, your fast food feast awaits!