How to Make Mushroom Gravy, No Meat Drippings Required

Mushroom gravy is for everyone! lovers rejoice when  hits the table.  eaters delight in drizzling a pan sauce full of juices over their meat and mashed potatoes. But vegetarians, mushroom lovers, and meat eaters alike get to enjoy this fragrant and flavorful mushroom gravy, no meat drippings required! This savory sauce is an easy way to take your dinner to the next level—no matter what you ladle it on. So get creative!

How do you make gravy taste good?

Mushrooms naturally have a woody, umami flavor that, by itself, makes this gravy taste wonderful. However, almost any gravy can benefit from aromatics. This recipe uses fragrant garlic, onion, and thyme to elevate the taste.

What type of mushrooms do you use for mushroom gravy?

Cremini, baby Bella, or white button mushrooms work great in this gravy. Want to save time on prep? By 'em pre-sliced from your grocery store

What is mushroom gravy made of?

Cooked have a satisfyingly meaty flavor and this recipe starts with lots of them—one pound to be exact. Heat a skillet very hot then sear the mushrooms in olive oil. Place them in a single layer and do not stir for the first few minutes of cooking. This allows the mushrooms to caramelize and gives the gravy deep flavor and color. Add onion, garlic, fresh thyme leaves, and a splash of soy sauce to enhance all the savory notes. Vegetable stock keeps this gravy vegetarian, but beef or chicken stock can be substituted if you are serving this with or .  

How do you thicken mushroom gravy? 

Butter and all-purpose flour make a roux that thickens this mushroom gravy. Once the mushrooms, onions and garlic are cooked, melt more butter in the skillet, then sprinkle flour evenly over top. Stir and cook for about one minute to toast the flour and remove its raw taste, before stirring in the stock.  

What do you serve with mushroom gravy? 

Substitute mushroom gravy for country gravy with . Main dishes like or are punched up flavor wise, with a ladle full. Buttered noodles and of course, , are also perfect companions. Serve it at your Thanksgiving dinner table alongside !