Sisters open coffee bar in Apopka inspired by family farm in Guatemala!

The story revolves around two sisters, Natasha and Julisa, who recently opened a coffee shop called Calypso Coffee Bar with the help of their father, Elder Lopez. The inspiration for the business came from their father's coffee farm in Guatemala. Natasha, who has been a barista for three years, suggested the idea of opening a coffee shop. The sisters not only focus on brewing delicious coffee for their customers but also aim to support the coffee farmers back in Guatemala. They purchase the coffee beans directly from their family farm, called "Bethel," located between Guatemala and Honduras.

This way, they hope to provide a fair price to the farmers and help improve their living conditions. Many coffee farmers in the region live in poverty and do not see the profits from their hard work. The sisters believe in giving back to their father, who came to the United States at the age of 19 to create a better future. They see their coffee shop as a way of supporting their father's sacrifices and honoring his legacy. Calypso Coffee Bar is located at 1466 Rock Springs Rd. in Apopka, where customers can enjoy unique flavored coffee flights and experience the unique taste of Guatemalan coffee firsthand. Since the opening of their shop two months ago, the sisters and their father have been working hard to create a successful and meaningful business that not only serves great coffee but also makes a positive impact on their family and the coffee farmers they support.